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2022 Speakers


Norm Wakefield

The calling of God in Norm's life has given him a heart for men and their families. His calling as a child of God has birthed an emphasis on the gospel and relationship with Jesus Christ. It forms the basis for wisdom in all aspects of life and is the strength of Elijah Ministries. As a husband, Norm longs to see marriages that glorify God. His calling as a father of four, has given him a heart for family. When God called Norm into the pastoral ministry, God led him to disciple and encourage men. Leading people into the presence of God has come from his calling as a worship leader. The desire of his heart is to see God glorified in His people as they apply God's Word to their lives.


Jaco Booyens

Jaco Booyens is a native of South Africa and an American citizen. Fighting sex trafficking is personal to Jaco. After witnessing the horrors of trafficking through his younger sister who is now a survivor, Jaco turned abolitionist in 2001. He is a well-recognized speaker on human trafficking, Christian faith, and motivation.


Lieutenant Colonel Stuart “Scar” Sullivan

Lt. Col. Stuart “Scar” Sullivan is a squadron commander in the USAF. He is a combat veteran and command pilot in both the T-38 Talon and B-2 Stealth Bomber having over 3,200 flight hours and is currently stationed at Whiteman AFB in MO. 

In 2016, Stuart wrote two words on a piece of paper and nailed it to a cross. From that moment he moved from trying to please God to trusting completely in God. Less than a year later, Stuart founded All-In to give every person the same opportunity of truly becoming all in.

Past Speakers


Producer/Director of 8 Days film. Founder of SHAREtogether, a non-profit organization fighting the global crisis of Sex Trafficking.


Veteran Navy SEAL. Founder of Veterans for Child Rescue.


Founder of Sermon on the "Mount"- Lessons of Leadership from the Language of the Horse


Buddy Davis is a popular speaker, singer, songwriter, author, adventurer, and paleo-artist with Answers in Genesis.


Six-time NFL Super Bowl player. Founder of "House of Speed" sports franchise.


World War II Veteran and survivor of the worst U.S. Navy disaster: USS Indianapolis.


Leading actor in the movies "Fireproof" and "Courageous".


Former NFL Player -Minister - Author - Speaker


A decorated member of the U.S. Army's most elite fighting corps, Jeff Struecker was prominently featured in the national best-seller 'Black Hawk Down'.


Founder of Life Without Limbs Ministry


Team Chaplain for the Chicago Bears. Former NFL player. Founder of A Ray of Hope on Earth.


Joe Wiegand is entertaining audiences nationwide with his reprisal of President Theodore Roosevelt. As a one man theater show, Joe's T.R. shares stories full of adventure, laughter and inspiration.

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