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About Us

Father Son Camp began unofficially in 1995 when 3-year-old Max Miller asked his dad, Chris, if they could go camping for his birthday with "no girls allowed!"

What began as an overnight outing for three dads and three sons grew to a four day event with over 500 fathers and sons in attendance. By combining outdoor adventures with inspiring ministry, the Miller family hopes to strengthen family bonds and ignite a passion for serving Jesus Christ. For nearly thirty years, the camp has been funded entirely by donations.

Meals and ministry are held at 517 West Main Street in Oakland, Illinois. Activities are held at Miller Family Farm, 23326 East County Road 1960 North in Oakland, Illinois. Oakland is approximately one hour southeast of Champaign-Urbana. 

This camp is an independent camp and is not associated with any other camp or ministry.

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Statement of Purpose

  • For fathers and sons who are not saved to come to know Jesus Christ as Savior.

  • To provoke young men to have a heart for service.

  • To give young men and their fathers a vision for authentic Christian manhood.

  • To make those uncomfortable who know Christ and are not doing much for Him.

  • To restore the hearts of fathers to their families.

  • To combine inspiring ministry and outdoor adventures to create lasting memories.

  • To tie the heartstrings of fathers and sons and to heal their broken relationships.

  • To encourage fathers and sons to get busy doing something for Jesus Christ.

Statement of Faith

The Word of God is our rule for faith and practice. All aspects of our ministry are founded upon God’s Word.

Believing the above and not diminishing the importance of holding to sound doctrine, we hold that the basis for fellowship between believers is not doctrine, but a mutual faith and love in Jesus Christ.



The Father Son Camp is funded by generous donations. We suggest a donation of $75 per camper. To help defray our expenses, please visit the Donate page.

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